Ernst W. Meinrath

CEO, Composer, Producer

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Ernst began his musical studies in Paris at the age of five, Solfeggio at eight, and counterpoint at fifteen.Having devoted the entirety of his early training to classical music, a transition came about with studies in Jazz and Pop/Rock.

In 1989, Ernst formed his first company, Musicom. With the band Airlock, the business of writing music for picture, began. Beyond concerts, Ernst promoted the band for commercials and jingles. Regular clients included Columbia Pictures, Buena Vista, Pioneer and Chrysler. Ernst’s work on trailers was the catalyst to score motion pictures.

In a period of six years, Ernst refined his scoring techniques on over 40 short films. During this time, he met director Olivier Vanhoofstadt, director Celine Desauvage, and director Giles Daoust. He became the sole composer of their films.

As a composer and producer, Ernst has worked with Luc Besson, After Dark Films, Cutting Edge, and many others.

Ernst writes and performs across the musical spectrum, and is now making his impact on Hollywood.

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